The Shrine of the Black Madonna Cultural Center in Atlanta 👩🏾‍🦱

Discover the cultural center and bookstore of the Shrine of the Black Madonna. Serving the community with rich African literature and history 👩🏾‍🦱🧔🏿

The Shrine of the Black Madonna in Atlanta: A Center for African American Culture and Spirituality

The Shrine of the Black Madonna in Atlanta, Georgia is a cultural and spiritual center located at 946 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW, Atlanta, GA 30310. This Pan-African Orthodox Christian church was founded in 1975 when around 40 members from the original Detroit location moved to Atlanta to establish the ninth congregation of the denomination.

About the Cultural Center

Known as the Black Madonna Culture Center, the shrine operates a bookstore and cultural center connected to the church building next door. The bookstore serves as an African Holocaust Museum, meant to honor the struggle and liberation of African American people. In addition to books on black history and literature by African American authors, the store offers art, masks, and wood sculptures to celebrate and promote black culture.

The Bookstore Selection

The cultural center has always been known for its solid selection of African American literature dealing with African and African American heritage. It also aims to provide spiritual guidance and promote the church’s goal of divine liberation. The shrine moved to Atlanta in 1975 with the founder’s vision of creating a new community. Since February 2000, new generations of leadership have carried on that vision of service to black people  and the divine struggle against oppression.

The Cultural Center’s Role

The Shrine Cultural Center has served for over 40 years as an instrumental component of the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church. Members and visitors alike can celebrate black history, buy from local black-owned businesses, and connect with the community through special events, particularly during Black History Month. The cultural center promotes art, history, spirituality, and a commitment to freedom and social justice.

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