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Greg & Jean Hines from Kennesaw, GA have made it their mission to help the Lenca Indians in Honduras.

In 2009, Greg & Jean Hines church’s ministry led a team of church volunteers to the Lenca Indians in Honduras. After that experience, the lines family decided to get involved with actively helping the Lenca Indians. They have been support the Honduras project full time since 2012.

Lenca Indians

Honduras has the largest indigenous group of Lenca Indians with an estimated population of 100,000. There are indicators the Lenca were not originally indigenous to the Mesoamerica region, but that they migrated to the region from South America around 3,000 years ago. In Lenca society men work mainly as farmers. Among their crops are coffee, cacao, tobacco, varieties of plantains and gourds. Today there is a growing acceptance of indigenous rights and culture in Honduras, despite that, the Lenca Indians are still struggling over indigenous land rights.

The ALCG Project

The idea of Abundant Life Coffee Group is simple but efficient: Lenca Indians are supported by one family, with the goal of becoming independent, high-quality coffee farmers. The farmers are paid a fair-price for their crop, so they can support their families from the proceeds of their coffee production. Profits are reinvested in training and new family farm projects. ALCG also focuses on strengthening the Lenca Indians by teaching them how to form new coffee growing cooperatives consisting of 25-30 families supporting each other. ALCG is committed to bringing long term, sustainable economic relief to the Lenca Indians in Hondruas.

Getting involved

There are opportunities to become a fundraiser partner of ALCG by selling coffee or by buying coffee for your business, organization or restaurant. In addition, there are also ministry opportunities to help the Lenca families by building coffee farms in Honduras. Other opportunities include: construction projects, children’s ministry, pastor/leadership training, medical support and many more.

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