Vicki Cimkentli: British-Atlantian Artist

Besides painting Vicky Cimkentli published her first book “Basquiat: a Catahoula Dog Tale” last year. She is currently finalizing her 2nd book “Fifty – What a Palava!”. She lives together with her husband, Levent, a professional magician, magic historian and author, in Metro Atlanta since 2006.

 Vicky Cimkentli’s “Bucks on the Street”

“I am a self-taught artist originally from England. My paintings reflect my love of bold, vibrant colors and my inspiration is found in everyday life. The Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces approached several artists, including myself, to participating in the “Bucks on the Street” project. “Henri Buck” was the first that I created, followed by “Buckhead Boy” and “Super Buck!”. It was quite surreal having these oversized statues in our home, and equally surreal trying to paint them whilst perched on a ladder! I added some accessories, i.e. an aluminum cape to “Super Buck”. I am thrilled and honored to have been part of this project.”

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