Down South: Painting with Light

Painting with Light by Corey Barksdale & Lawrence Andrade

Light Painting is a photographic technique dating back to the beginning of photography. Several exposures are made by either moving the camera or the light source itself.

Artist Man Ray, known for his “rayographs” (photogram), experimented with light painting in his series “space writing” in the 1930s. (Link light painting history).

Corey Barksdale and Lawrence Andrade, two Atlanta based artists, use primarily unique and atmospheric settings for their light paintings – i.e. an abandoned prison in Atlanta with the light shining partly on murals and graphities decorating the walls today.

Light painting can intensify an atmosphere and changes literally the light of a place and its perception. And, asking the artist Corey Barksdale, it captures the movement and motion of a situation and brings this to life.

Atlanta Expat