Eric Langley: Photographer

The 20th Century Postcard Look: This unique style of Eric Langley, an Atlanta photographer, is based on using an iPhone with a specialized filter app that allows adjustments to each of the several filters needed. Take a look…

 Eric Langley Interview

“I have spent the past seven years working primarily as a photojournalistic event photographer. During this time I’ve shot in many scenarios that have helped develop my eye, as well as my timing, and I’ve grown very comfortable at capturing those specific storytelling moments.
Recently I’ve focused on developing my skills as a portrait photographer, seeking out greater control over the outcome of the photo. ‘Making the photo’ instead of ‘taking the photo’.
As a way of staying active I decided to start a 365 project. That was on Jan 1. It was in engaging this project, primarily with my iPhone, that I discovered my illustrative editing techniques.
The reason I enjoy the 20th Century Postcard style so much is that I am an illustrator at heart and I’ve always loved to draw. Even though I’ve completely fallen in love with photography, and it’s where I spend all my time, I still find that when I am the most creative with it the images end up looking like paintings. And those are the ones that satisfy me the most.”


Atlanta Expat