Culture: Visiting Atlanta‘s Hindu Temple

Since 1990 Atlanta has a Hindu Temple in Riverdale.

The temple was realized by raising funds for this project since the 1970th, land was bought and the beautiful temple was planned and installed with the help of Sri Sampatkumar bhattar and temple architect Padmasri Muthiah stapathi in a traditional South Indian style. The temple has two complexes, the Hindu god Venkateswara,is presiding deity in one of them and Shiva is presiding deity in the other. Visiting the temple complexes will also give access to further shrines of other deities.

The temple offers a variety of services and weekend activities for the Hindu community and visitors. Hindu Temple of Atlanta

A Hindu temple (Sanskrit: मन्दिर – Mandir, प्रासाद – Prasada) is a house of god(s)

A Hindu Temple (also called Mandir) is a place of worship and prayer. The word’s meaning mandir derives from the words mind and still, meaning that a mandir is a place where the mind experiences peace of the worldly problems to strengthen the follower.

The Indian architects build the temple in accordance with ancient scriptures (Vastu-Sastra) and South Indian traditional styles, despite not all temples are alike and each of them is unique in its own ways. Each temple represents a certain denomination of Hinduism and, often, temples come up with their own way and ideas to cover the needs of their spiritual fellowship.

Temples share a similarity in design, such as a central sanctum enshrining the main Deity, other Deities in the pantheon, normally no basement, a separate building for cultural and social activities, and daily regimen of pujas (Hindu worship ritual) performed by Hindu priests.

Quick Facts before entering a Hindu Temple:
  • Please dress modestly (no shorts or short skirts) and remove shoes before entering the temple
  • Be respectful and do not enter the shrines without invitation.
  • Do not sit with your feet pointing the Deities or another person. Men and women usually sit separately.
  • Followers may bring an offering: such as fruits and flowers or flower garlands to the temple. On arrival, it is traditional to circumambulate the temple where possible. Inside, the Deities at their shrines are greated.
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Planning your Visit:
  • Address: 5851 GA Hwy 85, Riverdale, GA 30274
  • Phone: (770) 907 – 7102
  • [email protected]


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