Tupelo: Nyssa ogeche

Bees use nectar from the white Tupelo trees to make the unique southeastern “Tupelo Honey”!

Interesting facts about Tupelo honey
  • Tupelo honey has a light amber golden color with a unique flavor and a delicate and distinctive taste.
  • Pure Tupelo Honey, produced from only the White Tupelo, is the only honey that will not granulate.
  • Due to it’s high laevulose (44.3%), low dextrose (29.98%) ratio (average), doctors have been able to recommend some diabetic patients to consume Tupelo Honey.
  • This honey was topic in a movie starring Peter Fonda as a beekeeper (Ulee’s Gold, 1997).
  • Tupelo Honey is also the name of a Van Morrison’s song and album released in November of 1971.
  • Tupelo Honey is a unique product of the southeast USA.
Pure Tupelo Honey is produced from the White Ogeechee Tupelo
  • Tupelo, Ogeche’s native habitat in the South Eastern US, from South Carolina to Northern Florida to Mississippi.
  • Ogeechee tupelo requires a very moist site and is distributed along the borders of rivers, swamps, and ponds that are frequently flooded.
  • Thousands of hectares of Ogeechee tupelo have been planted in bee farms along the lower Apalachicola River and around swamps, where it grows also naturally.

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