German Business: iXPOS Relaunch

iXPOS is a service website and business platform for foreign companies interested in the German market initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Since the website’s relaunch, new features were added to the interactive Business Community such as more detailed member profiles, business contact search, iXPOS newsletter and direct emailing with all members of the community. Filters narrow the search results by country, branch and type of inquiries.

This business platform is interesting for all companies interested in selling or buying products in Germany, as well as focusing on partnerships/cooperations with German companies. Additionally the website allows users to ask questions about the German market in English, Spanish, French and German (answers are provided in English).

The website is primarily focused on companies interested in finding business partners, co-operations and products in Germany, for the German market. Registration is free of charge @iXPOS.

Atlanta Expat