Corey Barksdale: At Atlanta’s heartbeat…

Vivid Oil paintings of Atlanta’s Jazz Scene | condensed Atmosphere catching the street life | Folk Elements Mixed with a spirit the Modern World’s Patterns | Light paintings at abandoned places | Murals changing the city’s face | and yes , there is more to expect…

What inspires you most when thinking of Atlanta?

Atlanta is like a mini-New York with all the attributes of a diverse city, but more neighborly and much smaller. Atlantians have their own walk of life melting the Southern peculiarities with influences from all kinds of international cultures.

What would you say makes your Art unique?

There must be something that is catching my eye, a certain pose, a unique vintage look, an interesting impression on the face that inspires me to start painting. My art is transporting a certain atmosphere, and is creating a unique feeling. I am working out the essence of a situation like a Jazz Musician playing his instrument, or people dancing in the streets that animate you to join in.

What will your next project look-like?

Currently I am combining different elements, among these elements are: murals, body painting, photography and light painting. The idea is to create an intense and atmospheric performance art.

Artist’s Website:

Atlanta Expat