What’s that weed: Crossvine

Cross Vine, Crossvine or Trumpet Flower is a liana native to central and southern United States attracting hummingbirds.

Crossvine (Bignonia capreolata)

The plant gets its common name from its “cross-section” of the vine. The liana usuall grows high into trees in swamps and bottomland forest. It can be found also in drier areas. It is similar in appearance to a Trumpet Creeper which is in the same family. The bicolored flower of the Crossvine makes it easy to set it apart from a Trumpet Creeper when in bloom. The wild plant’s blossoms are maroon and orange. Other color schemes may have been created by cultivars. The vine can reach 50 ft length and blossomes from May through June.

Crossvine is known to attract hummingbirds (Ruby Throated Hummingbird).

Crossvine a Cherokee Drug

Crossvine was used by Cherokee Indians for treating several illnesses: An infusion of leafs was used to purify the blood as well as to heal rheumatism. There are also reports of healing by using the bark of Crossvines to heal dropsy (kidney aid) and to reduce headaches (Analgesic); the usage of Crossvine Roots was known to heal diphtheria as main ingredient of their general disease remedy.

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