Federal Reserve Bank: The Eagle Statue

Federal Reserve Bank Eagle Statue

Elbert Weinberg (1928 -1991)
The statue in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta at 1000 Peachtree Street Northeast Atlanta is a large bronze eagle statue perched high on a 48ft (14.6m) marble column. The statue weighs about 3,300 pounds (1,498kg) and is 9 feet (2m) tall. Its wing span is an impressive 16 foot (4.8m).

At its time it was the largest bronze eagle statue in the United States.

The bronze eagle was originally commissioned by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta for the newly built Federal Reserve Bank, Marietta Street headquarters in Atlanta. The American sculptor Elbert Weinberg created the sculpture in Italy and as an important part of the new bank’s design the dedication of the building was delayed until October 9, 1964, due to a the arrival of the statue from Europe. The statue was shipped from Rome to Jacksonville, then hauled by truck to Atlanta. When the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta moved to another new building in 2001 the eagle and its perch (48ft column) moved with them.

The Bank’s corporate offices and Visitors Center and Monetary Museum are housed in a 10-story tower facing Peachtree Street, and cash and other operations are located in a three-story wing behind the tower.

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